The larger cutting edge gives you an extra advantage,but causes you to swing slower.


Damage: 7.5

Fire Rate: 3.2

Weight: 2.0

Magazine: 30

Accuracy: 10


The kukri knife is probably the 3rd most used purchasable melee weapon,just behind the meat hammer and jungle knife.The kukri has more range than the meat hammer but has a slower pullback time,which means you can't react immediately after you knife once.This con will be exploited by many melee players.

Trivia:The kukri has 3 names;

  • kukri
  • khukri
  • khukuri


The basic Kukri Knife can be purchased for:

  • 600BP for 1 hour
  • 1700BP for 3 hours
  • 5500BP for 10 hours
  • 15,600BP for 30 hours

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