The Desert Eagle is a 50.caliber sidearm.It fires 50.caliber of pure destruction,but the heavy recoil requires a steady ,firm grip to make it effective.


Damage: 5.5

Fire Rate: 6.3

Weight: 1.6

Magazine: 7

Accuracy: 5.5


The Desert Eagle is reliable sidearm that takes 1-3 shots to kill,and is very accurate.This pistol is worth all of the 900BP you spent on it.This would be useful to snipers and shotgun users as it has a great range and high damage.


The Desert Eagle can be bought for:

  • 900BP for 1 hour
  • 2600BP for 3 hours
  • 8200BP for 10 hours
  • 23,400BP for 30 hours

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